Rorschach 3D

Rorschach - Guardian


Expression is the best counterpoint to purely rational thinking. Somewhere between the Dionysian and Apollonian attitudes lie the world’s patterns of chaos and order.

Algorithms and advertising have taken the place of Oracles, Fortune Tellers, and Leaders. Our trust in technology and media has helped precipitate global turbulence.

How to proceed?

Make it up as we go along.

Last night I made some of my own Rorschach tests and animated them.

I see a guardian spirit, an aeroplane in flight, a queen with fireworks, an animal totem. I feel protection, presence, joy, animal kinship. What do you see?


– I –

Guardian (hovering)


– II –

Aeroplane (flying)


– III –

Queen (fireworks)


– IV –

Animal Totem (kinship)


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